The term “big data” is being thrown a lot these days, though few small organizations will benefit from expensive big data analytics techniques. This is, in part, because few small organizations actually house large amounts of data worthy of being called “big.” Millions of records don’t qualify as big data, and analyzing this type of data set shouldn’t cost you big data prices! With that in mind, our team works with you to determine if your business question requires big data techniques, or if simpler, more affordable data analytics options are appropriate.

Our data analytics services begin with understanding your business question (or helping you formulate one), and determining if your data set has the required inputs for an appropriate answer. Mining data and looking for a question to answer can sometimes lead us to making incorrect assumptions, which is why we first start with a question. Our analytics process results in a data roadmap for your business, a roadmap that can add tremendous short-term and long-term value to your bottom line.

Data Analytics Process

We take a step-wise approach to understanding your business question and your data. This allows us to:

  • Clearly describe your business goal and the required data to achieve it.
  • Prevent confounded results and incorrect assumptions.
  • Determine new data opportunities.
  • Develop a clear roadmap toward better data stewardship, faster data processing, and cheaper analytics.

Our Process Explained

We know that engaging new companies in a competitive environment comes with many risks and challenges. This is why we’ve created a process that tries to minimize risk and foster a collaborative environment between your teams and ours. We believe in growth through collaboration, and we can only achieve that through honest and trustworthy relationships, and capable, critical thinkers.

Determining The Business Opportunity

We work with your executive stakeholders to identify the vision and business question. We know that your organization has many moving parts and we begin at the highest level to clearly define the goal. To minimize risk, our experts then work with your teams to identify both areas of collaboration, and any possible moving targets.

Determining Data Readiness

Answering challenging business questions begins with determining whether we have the right data to begin with. This step is crucial in our collaboration, and uses your team’s content/data users to understand your data capabilities, your content depth, and the easiest route possible from raw data to a clear, clean, usable dataset.

Identify Potential Confounders

Data is inherently imperfect, which can lead to skewed results or false assumptions. We take all of the knowns and the “known unknowns” into consideration and identify possible confounders. We then use any additional data sources (from both within and outside of your organization) to control for those confounders, leading to a clearer, more reliable answer.

Identifying the Business Opportunity

Our data experts work with your data to answer the business question in the most clear and concise manner possible. We then use this analysis to identify your business opportunity, and develop a roadmap for further analysis, next steps, and additional opportunities.

Analysis Design & Implementation

We use our data analytics skills to develop an analysis and implementation plan to answer your question. We then implement this plan to deliver results that add value to your business.

Data Readiness Assessment

Using your team’s content knowledge and your data structure, we review your current data methodology and propose areas of improvement, possible skill-set gaps, and present next steps and growth opportunities.

Data Dashboards

We use open source tools to build and maintain custom data dashboards that wrap around your data structures & content.

Data Experts for Rent

For ongoing engagements and complex projects, our data experts are available for more long-term arrangements at an hourly rate, for as long as your project requires. We provide the expertise, you provide the management and leadership.