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Your business is generating highly usable data! We cut through the clutter and focus on actionable insights driven by your business and your data.


Dataleap’s consultancy applies expert knowledge and skills in a multitude of data science domains, including text mining, data analytics, and data visualization, to answer your business’ most pressing questions.

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Dataleap has over 20 years of combined experience in data analytics, ranging from health care and health IT, to user analytics and marketing. Our combined academic and professional experience has allowed us to be responsive to fluid client needs.


Our team can provide domain knowledge and expertise in many areas of data science, from predictive analytics and text mining, to data visualizations, reporting, and dashboard development.


Dataleap’s main area of expertise is health care. From clinical data, to survey data, to social media data, our data experts have helped clients make sense of highly usable data from disparate sources within their organizations.

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Dataleap has a combined 20 years of data analytics and visualization experience. Much of our combined academic and professional work has revolved around the health care space, including survey analysis, health data visualization, predictive analytics, and text mining. Our consultants come from multiple, top-tier organizations, like the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), and the US Geological Survey (USGS), with graduate degrees in epidemiology, statistics, and data science. We believe that data has the potential to transform businesses, improve lives, and impact positive social change. We capitalize on that belief with each and every client we take on.

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Dataleap offers a focused range of services, including exploratory data analysis, data identification & analysis, data visualization and report generation. We bring our combined skills in health care, survey and social media data analysis to your data landscape, and empower your organization’s decision makers with actionable data analytics.